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Experience N.5 was a hit for us. 

It fell between collections 1 and 2 in terms of when we released it and so it sort of flew under the radar a little. However, both at a liquid level and a conceptual one - it was a liquid we had a lot of love for. 

It's a whisky that connected with people on two plains. It tasted like it looked. Verdant, green and lush. And it was inspired by time spent in nature - something we were fortunate enough to do a lot of during the locked down periods at the start of the pandemic. 

Unable to work from our studio, and with a lot of decisions needing to be made in the run up to launching the brand, Pete and I would take long walks around the surrounds of our houses taking in East Lothian's incredible landscape. Occasionally there were samples to discuss - so 'forest whisky' became a thing. 

The relationship between whisky and landscape is an interesting one. We've all been conditioned through advertising images to link whisky to particular landscapes, and regardless of whether they hold any bearing on the reality of where these whiskies are made is somewhat irrelevant. As we're blenders we're combining the emotional baggage that comes with each sample to create something else. Whether a component was made by the sea, on an industrial estate outside Glasgow or contains whisky from the rugged west coast Islands becomes somewhat irrelevant to us. We deconstruct and reconstruct concepts built around flavour and the whim of our whisky maker, Pete. 

But this one felt apt. Pete's wife is called Joy. We'd spent hours upon hours in the forests around their home discussing Woven and whisky making. The samples that made up the original Experience N.5 took us back to those moments. And there was a fairly distinct taste profile that we knew we would be able to get close to again. 

And so, we're proud to introduce the first experience that we've repeated. The liquid is of different formulation which can be read about here. The colour of the liquid is quite different. But the taste is overall fairly close to the same experience as N.5. We make no claims about consistency, in fact - quite the opposite. We want to signify the 'batch 2' nature of this Experience, hence the 5.1 denotation. We don't use E150 colouring to ensure the liquid looks the same as the last batch. For us - the slight discrepancies between batches are part of the experience and we want to celebrate them - so long as we're happy that we're putting out the very best liquids that we can. 

And so - this is Joy in nature. Again. We hope you enjoy it.