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Our Story

We are friends who believe that there’s more to blended whisky. A lot more. And while our home is a blending studio in Leith, our mission is global. We want to make this industry, this art, much more human. Much more experimental. Much less industrialised. Much more experiential.Much more, well, fun. But we know we can’t do it alone. Because we know this is bigger than any one of us. 


To us, blending is more than an action, it’s an idea. Blending is creativity. Blending is community. Blending is collaboration. Blending is exciting, it is discovery. Blending is how new ideas are born. Mixing possibilities, connecting disparate peoples and passions in order to create something new. Blending is a richer life.Something deeper. Something more delicious.

We believe blending is a fundamental human trait. A human need. It makes us all better, stronger. It makes us greater than the sum of our parts.

We’re not content with what blended whisky is. We want to discover just what blended whisky can be. 

our manifesto

Whisky Making

We’re not creating Woven alone. Our approach to whisky-making is itself a blend of different influences. There’s the chance encounters, inspiring anecdotes, connections with passionate makers, and introductions to friends of friends. There’s the inspiration from elements within and well outside the world of whisky. There’s the resurrection of some obsolete and forgotten traditions and techniques. And the creation of a few new ones.

All of these influences converge in our tiny studio in Leith.And they guide our decisions each day as we work to change perceptions of what blended whisky can be.

The liquid not the name

We source some of the best whiskies from across the world.But once those samples hit our blending table, they’re all equal. We judge their quality through a single lens - the liquid’s ability to contribute to the experience we’re creating. Not origin, reputation, age, cost or narrative. Zero pretence. 

Simple, yet unconventional.

Our sourcing, blending, marrying and proofing processes combine to create something unique.  Something much, much greater than the sum of its parts.

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