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Woven Manifesto

Who are we?

We are all the people and places that make this liquid what it is.

We’re a myriad of influences, places and flavours.

We’re a community of makers.

We’re a legendary malt from Islay. A new breed of distiller from the Highlands. 

We’re a chance encounter with an experimental project in Australia. 

We’re the reinstatement of forgotten techniques, and the creation of new ones. 

We’re a generative artist from the Netherlands.

We’re blending science and art.


Because it's more fun this way. And much tastier. 

We’re where friendships, moments and experiences converge.

We’re two people in a tiny blending studio in Leith, obsessing over details. 

But we know we can’t do it alone. 

Because we know this is bigger than us. 

We are all Woven. 

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