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This collaboration explores what happens if you put the user at the heart of the creative process.

We teamed up with Spirit.Ed (formerly 31 Dover) to create a blend that took their deep insights about what curious drinkers are searching for in terms of flavour when the visit the SPIRIT.ED site and used it as the liquid brief for a new blend. This simple idea that pushed us in exciting new directions as we explored new combinations and unfamiliar routes to key taste profiles that were deemed desirable.

The result is a modern, vibrant and upbeat whisky with aromas of marmalade, sherry, cinnamon and cloves. A sweet fruitiness defines the finish.
In keeping with our now 'tradition' of giving each numerical experience a subtitle and description that positions it, or adds some flesh tot he liquid concept, we entitled this one 'positively jazzed'. It's an upbeat, juicy, quick tempo dram. Tuneful but not formulaic. There was improvisation, harmony. 
The partnership is the first of its kind for us. Pairing SPIRIT.ED’s deep understanding of inquisitive e-commerce consumers with Woven’s creative whisky making approach, the blend represents something original. Using insights not usually available to a whisky maker of our size, we were able to target specific flavours within the blend, resulting in a rounded and balanced whisky ideal for enjoying neat or in mixed serves. 
In the team from SPIRIT.ED, we found genuine synergy. As a retailer, they are as passionate about creating experiences for people that breed connection and conversation as we are as whisky makers. SPIRIT.ED challenges the traditional online bottle shop by curating a portfolio of products that have a high level of design, liquid quality and user experience. 
Working closely together, the aim was to create a great seasonal gifting whisky that appeals to this emerging demographic without putting off the traditional whisky drinker. Experience N.6. was crafted keeping in mind what the SPIRIT.ED customer is looking for when they visit the site
In truth all whiskies are made for customers, but we wanted to take that simple idea to a new level. By responding to a clear, insight laden brief set by the SPIRIT.ED customer, we were able to decode what they valued in a whisky and answer in liquid form. It was a free form improvisation upon a theme laid down for us, which was exciting to work with and led to some unusual combinations being explored between heavier textured malts and lighter whiskies with vibrant fruity flavours. This ultimately unlocked a taste profile unlike anything we’d have come up with using a traditional approach, proving the power of collaboration. We were excited by the opportunity to explore new creative methods in an industry dominated by tradition and amazed at how such a simple idea (of creating a profile derived from customer insight) very quickly threw up new combinations. This is a totally different creation process and we’re excited by the results.  
The blend itself is rich, rounded and bursting with luscious fruity flavours. Aromas of marmalade and sherry become orange cinnamon and cloves on the palate with a sweet fruitiness defining the finish of the whisky. Woven x SPIRIT.ED is designed to be hedonistic and accessible, yet complex enough to be savoured and sipped neat. It is a versatile and exciting whisky ideally suited to festive occasions, with big textures and bright flavours.