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International Shipping = International Sipping

Partnership Announcement

Today we are delighted to announce a partnership with our friends from Edinburgh; Royal Mile Whiskies, which amongst other things will allow Woven to be shipped outside of the UK.

Whilst this news will only excite a small amount of our audience, it's a huge step forwards for us and we're really grateful to Royal Mile Whiskies for their belief, trust and support! 

If you don't already know Royal Mile Whiskies then you're in luck. They're a well established, award winning shop on Edinburgh's high St, famous for passionate and knowledgable staff, impeccable customer service and a forward thinking attitude to whisky.

We haven't told them this yet, but as young whisky geek bartenders, we used to visit the shop as a learning exercise. Each bottle is hand sold - so heading there to browse was an educational experience in itself. Occasionally there were samples. Hours passed as they'd let you read the books without buying them. Their business extends well outside their original shop - with a thriving online business as well as (currently paused) whisky auction site and several other non whisky specific physical stores keeping them busy, and the people of Edinburgh (and Pitlochory in good spirits. 


Since launch, we've been working all hours balancing the various demands of starting a whisky company with the rigours of running one. We're a very small team and our partnership with Royal Mile Whiskies allows us to focus on the important parts of our business that were being de-prioritised daily as we tackled dispatch of orders. Our online store will remain open, but Royal Mile's ability to execute the trade orders for bars and restaurants of Edinburgh and International Orders for overseas visitors make this an exciting day for us at Woven.


Check out the Woven page on Royal Mile Whiskies here:

Please note: We still can't ship everywhere. Royal Mile have a drop down tab where you can see if your destination can be shipped to. If your country is not listed we can only apologise. We're working on it.

For Scotland based trade enquiries please contact: