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It's been a heavy few years. Tragic for some, difficult for most. Disruptive for everyone. 

We lost count of the missed connections, cancelled plans and big occasions that had to be moved, changed or just not attended because of the general situation with a global pandemic that didn't care how important anyone's plans were.  

But as things started happening again; cautiously, slowly, tentatively we realised that under the disappointment, hurt (and sadly) loss that tinged so much of the last few years in many cases, including our own, there was a renewed sense of gratitude for those we hold special. And a renewed appreciation of the time that we spend with them. 

It wasn't about getting normal back - it was about appreciating the magical more in the every day. 

the first blends we made, long before Woven was even thought about, were crude kitchen creations comprised of our own personal whisky collections. We'd produce them for friends, usually on their birthdays, customise the label and create a story about the individual components somehow speaking to the character of the recipient. It was jovial, personal and quite special, and always a great way to kick the party into life when shared generously. 

The circumstances of this blend couldn't be more different to those days, but somehow the process of creating this brought those memories back. Making something for a special occasion has a certain dimension of ritual about it that sets it apart. Experience N.10 didn't have the excitement of our early blends, the process is now somewhat ritual. But once we started exploring the themes we've mentioned above it developed a sort of ceremony - like we were mixing a precious liquid for a sacred ritual. 

We had in mind happy re-unions of families, groups of friends and loved ones. People spending their first christmas together in years, finally getting the opportunity to spend time in each others company and enjoy eachothers hospitality once more. 

And then, mid way through the blending process - one of our cohort lost a family member. And we realised, that for every joyous celebration round a table, there were those who would be raising their glasses in honor of an vacant place at the table. 

This blend isn't about happiness, or sadness - it is about the coming together of people and the deep joy that sharing moments with others brings us as humans. It is not a celebratory whisky - but a whisky we hope will encourage people to appreciate the value of life, and the magic moments of human connection that we so often take for granted.