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Woven x ætla x Ellis Mhari Cameron

Last weekend we helped our friends at ætla mark the Trunk Show of esteemed Scottish jewellery maker Ellis Mhairi Cameron. Whilst we weren’t aware of the links between our different worlds when we agreed to partner in the event, we’re so glad we did.

We served samples over the weekend as people browsed Ellis’ lovely pieces, and on  Friday night we hosted a whisky-tasting event, run by our whisky maker and co-founder, Pete Allison. After a lovely evening of relaxed chat, we headed downstairs for cocktails at one of Edinburgh’s finest little drinking dens - The last word bar. 
ætla was founded in Edinburgh by Keira Wraae-Stewart in 2020, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic with a view to showcasing and supporting fine jewellery created by talented local, international and lesser known designers and artisans. Keira is a fascinating character and we've loved getting to know here over the course of the past few months. 
Ellis is a talented jeweller with Scottish roots. She brings her creations to life through her sculptural gold jewellery collections. The coming together of the three parties was an interesting affair. On Friday night we hosted a whisky tasting for a small group, connecting our worlds in a convivial setting whilst exploring synergies between the different crafts of whisky making and fine jewellery. As it turns out, there are more than you might imagine. 
Ellis meticulously crafts her pieces by hand in her London studio ensuring attention to detail and the highest level of artistry. From the initial sketch to the final touches in gold, every step of the process reflects her dedication and personal touch. Think slow fashion on acid. We were inspired. 
We’ll admit we’re not as knowledgeable about jewellery as we are about Whisky making, but within minutes it was plain to see there were huge overlaps between our two worlds. Her practice takes elements and reforms them into objects with different meanings. It is deeply personal work, and her approach reminded us of the importance of integrity when considering traceability, meaning and what it is to feel, rather than flaunt concepts of Luxury. 
At the heart of the work Ellis does lies a dedication to quality and a belief in the beauty of imperfections. Like Ellis, our craft is human scale and done by hand but seeing the way her work connects so personally with individuals was a clear wake up for us that it is the connection to other people that is the magic when making something of value.  
It’s something we talk about, but know we can do more of, so it was great to be reminded that a key part of our purpose is to connect with people through our blends at a human scale.  
Peach & Jasmine Highball
50ml Woven Superblend
125ml London Essence Co Peach&Jasmine Soda
Combine ingredients in ice filled glass, garnish with an orange zest. 
Thanks to Kiera and Amy from Aetla for pulling this together and allowing us to be part of it.  All pictures courtesy of the supremely talented Solen Collet. 
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