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POSITIVELY JAZZED.  N.6 is juicy and energetic. Its rhythm is a tight bass line that keeps the tempo high. Marmalade and strawberry jam together because, well, why the hell not? A hedonistic improvisation. Light bodied, foot-tapping whisky pulling rich, fruity flavours from a luscious red wine cask.
N.6’s melody is given structure from Speyside, with Campbeltown malts on the drums and a Lowland grain whisky smoothly sipping old-fashioned cocktails between solos. Listen up, this is Woven x SPIRIT.ED Experience N.6 

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A modern whisky with a vibrant and upbeat profile. With aromas of marmalade and sherry becoming orange, cinnamon, cloves on the palate and a sweet fruitiness defining the finish of the whisky, it is perfect for the festive season. 

Just after we launched Woven, we had a call from Belle at 31 Dover. They were on the hunt for interesting brands that spoke to their customer base and when we asked Belle to explain who their customer was, we were blown away by the deep understanding and insights that she had, seemingly at her fingertips. 

These insights became the foundation of the collaboration. Instead of making a whisky driven by the whim of the whisky maker, why not take direction from the customer on a specific marketplace and try and create something to meet them where they are? For us, the refreshingly customer centric approach to creation suggested by 31 Dover, now SPIRIT.ED, offered an exciting platform for creativity and new possibilities. 

By responding to a clear, insight laden brief set by the SPIRIT.ED customer, as relayed by Belle, we were able to decode what they valued in a whisky and answer in liquid form. It was a free form improvisation upon a theme laid down for us, which was exciting to work with, and led to some unusual combinations being explored between heavier textured malts and lighter whiskies with vibrant fruity flavours. This ultimately unlocked a taste profile unlike anything we’d have come up with using a traditional approach, proving the power of collaboration. 

The blend itself is rich, rounded and bursting with luscious fruity flavours, bringing together notes of sweet spice, juicy fruits, vanilla and dried citrus peel. 

The blend is built upon a Campbeltown malt that we rested within an Appleton Estate Rum Cask that we sourced from Speyside Cooperage. We also had the same malt from a red wine cask, which provided a rich, juicy undertone. Further texture and richness came from a Speyside Distillery, famed for its meaty character derived from use of wormtub condensers. Finally, we used a deliciously bright grain whisky from a first fill ex bourbon cask which acted as a bridge between these bold, freeform flavours. 

Woven x SPIRIT.ED is designed to be hedonistic and accessible, yet complex enough to be savoured and sipped neat. It is a versatile and exciting whisky ideally suited to festive occasions, with big textures and bright flavours. 

This whisky makes an incredible old fashioned cocktail, but the bright, citrus notes work well with Tonic too, for a slightly left field twist to the classic highball.