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Like the neighbourhood that inspires it, HOMEMADE is vibrant, bold, and full of character. It has sweetness and spice in equal measure.

From our studio in Leith, we combine the traditions of yesteryear with contemporary thinking. HOMEMADE takes inspiration from iconic blends that cemented the areas reputation as a hub for whisky and wine merchants. We employ an abnormally high malt content (Over 70%) and a double act of sherry seasoned cask finishes to create a full and vibrant profile. 

The result? A taste of our locale, a nod to the past, and a vision for the future.

Big Flavour | Non Chill Filtered | Just Natural Colour


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Blend Summary

No. of Bottles
Blending Date
Marrying Period
70 Days
Component 1: Speyside Single Malt
Component 2: Speyside Single Malt
Component 3: Lowland Single Grain

Behind the blend

It would be easy to become nostalgic about whisky in Leith, but the area’s future relationship with whisky is equally exciting as its past. Our own journey was inspired by the rich legacy of whisky here, and we made the deliberate choice to establish ourselves in the locale that once housed scores of blending houses during blending’s golden age.

As we began our blending journey here, we encountered the industry’s past and future converging around us. We heard echoes of yesteryear as locals shared tales of bustling bottling halls, towering piles of sherry casks, and a pride in seeing something made here get exported around the world. And while a new Leith has emerged, defined by different industries, we also found a strengthening heartbeat as a new breed of whisky distiller resumes whisky distilling in Leith with bold ambitions (Port of Leith and Crabbies).

Our vision for HOMEMADE was to create a contemporary blend that offers a fresh perspective on what blends can be. We wanted to bridge the past and the future in an honest and hardworking liquid that Leith, Scotland, and all whisky lovers everywhere can share as a testament to great flavor and quality blending.

Our blending practice sees us blend in small batches, with meticulous attention to detail.

Some of our approaches are borrowed from the world's of Japanese whisky makers and French Cognac houses, and help us elevate what's possible in texture and flavour. These innovations are tempered by a nod to the past as we employ two different types of Sherry cask in the marrying process, a nod to Leith’s role in creating the shared ties between the worlds of Sherry and whisky.


A pair of 8-year-old Speyside single malt whiskies provide the depth, vibrancy, and character that we wanted in the blend, and a single-grain whisky is sourced from a famous grain distillery in Edinburgh. The malt components make up over 70% of the blend, echoing a famous claim by a discontinued brand close to our hearts that boasted ‘the highest malt content of any blend.’

Seventy-five percent of the blend is then married in two different types of sherry casks (Palo Cortado and Pedro Ximenez) as a nod to the role Leith played in forging the relationship between the two parallel worlds of sherry and Scotch. This adds vibrancy to the whole blend and an additional layer of complexity and richness.

The result is a blend that is at once bold, graceful, and vibrant. It boasts bright grassy flavors up front and layers of nutty, fruity, and spiced complexity. It sits roundly on the palate and has an extraordinarily long, satisfying finish.

It drinks beautifully neat, as a half-n-half, or in any manner of mixed drinks. We are proud to make Leith our home, where we craft handmade whiskies, unconstrained by mass production, with no limits on flavor.