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LEVELS. Experience N.1 is multitudes. Like any one of us, it has layers of character. A myriad of co-existing personalities. Layers and levels of flavour and texture reveal themselves when you’re ready. Different sips, different moments, offering different perspectives. Today it might be sweetness. Tomorrow smoke. The liquid won’t change, but perception does. Therein lies the magic of whisky. This is Experience N1.



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Blend Summary

No. of Bottles
Bottle Vol.
Blending Date:
FEB 2024
62 Days
Irish Single Grain Whiskey
Speyside Blended Malt (lightly Peated)
NZ Manuka Smoked Single Malt (Thompson Whisky)

Behind The Blend

Experience N.19 / Blending Notes

Our love of Thompson Whisky's incredible Manuka Wood Smoked Single Malt from New Zealand is well documented, and in the development of our previous release, Hemispheres, we’d discovered one alternative combination in particular that we couldn’t put down. Having laid a small amount of a tral blend down, then realising that it was potentially not repeatable, we felt this pilot blend was so precious it was worthy of sharing as limited edition release. Exp. N19 // Thrice is three very different components - Creamy Irish Grain, a lightly peated Speyside Blended Malt and the clove spiked, alluring smokiness of the Thompson Single Malt Whisky.

The result is an inherently smoke forward blend with three distinct layers that unfold slowly on the palate in sequence, before finishing with a lingering spiciness.

What’s in a name? 

Thrice. It speaks to the tasting experience – as articulated by our whisky maker @malted_pete.
Pete talks about a mindset that is optimal for tasting. In today’s busy world, finding the time to ‘really taste’ often requires him shifting pace from hectic startup founder. And his ‘process’ for dialing in his tastebuds is to taste the same drama three times. What happens as your mind begins to focus through each sip is that layers emerge, you ‘relax’ into it, and you arrive at this place where you’re focused on the experience within the glass, not distracted by everything going on around it.

It’s this little ritual from the Studio that inspired the name of this expression. And the liquid in the glass leans into this ritual in return. With three components generating three very different textures and layers within the liquid - the three sip ritual is a journey through a world of whisky in a single dram.

“When you come through the layers one by one, and arrive at the place where I hope this dram takes you. For me, it’s a slightly more relaxed, less hectic place, where we take time to taste, and enjoy things, even if just for a moment.” Once, twice, thrice. This is Experience N.19.

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