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As seen in... The Strategist

Pete set out whatsapp group alight late one night last week with a message announcing the fact that we'd been mentioned in The Strategist's roundup:

"The Best Whiskey, Rye, and Bourbon, According to Bartenders"
For those that don't know, The Strategist is a sister publication for the New Yorker Magazine. They run a section called "Recommended by Experts", and what's special about their features is that 
"Every product featured in The Strategist is rigorously selected by our (obsessive and unbiased) editors"
In summary - they ask a heap of experts what's buzzing their world right now so it's a super interesting curation of items that aren't on the radar of most people yet. 
And sure enough, in a wide ranging feature covering a variety of different whisky styles, Woven was called out as "best blended Scotch". 
What makes it all the sweeter for us, is that we were picked from the bunch by none other than Roberta Hall, of The Little Chartroom fame and The Great Brittish Menu finalist of 2021.