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By Sian Buchan of Uno Mas, Edinburgh. 

Photo by Murray Orr
40ml Woven Experience N.1
40ml Cherry Syrup
5ml Branca Menta
10ml Dry Vermouth
Combine ingredients over ice and stir to dilute.
Pour into rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with an orange zest.



We are obsessed with cocktails and those who make them. Out of all the things consumed in bars, cocktails are by far the most remarkable. Each creation existing as a unique moment in time - an experience of spirit, presentation and ritual.

A well-made and well enjoyed cocktail is a beautiful partnership between a drinker and a bartender. The right drink at the right time in the right environment as the ability to punctuate life in the most beautiful way.

We love those moments.

They also represent relationship between the bartender and the ingredients they choose to use. Spirits are the tools bartenders use to create their masterpieces, each ingredient adding something to the overall delivery.

So when someone makes an original creation inspired by your whisky, it's a big deal.

For some whisky brands and some whisky fans, the idea of someone mixing their precious liquid with anything else (beyond 'a wee drop of water') fills them with dread. For us though, and maybe especially because we are blenders, it fills us with excitement.

We delight in seeing this creation>reinterpretation >inspiration>adaptation>creation cycle continue up the chain as talented taste makers riff on our work to make something new. Who are we to say how someone should enjoy their hard earned whisky!? These links are often invisible but each cocktail is its own represent action of collaboration, community and creativity. We drink our fair share of whisky neat - but we wholeheartedly believe in a mixers ability to elevate a whisky, a highball's ability to refresh like no other drink and a cocktail's ability to please the palate in ways that can't easily be put into words. 

Any single malt enthusiast that needs convincing should try drinks like the Louis Balfour, which combined Talisker Single Malt whisky, LBV port, Amer Picon and honey served at Happiness Forgets In Hoxton, London. Talisker 10 year old is an almost irreproachable dram, yet this cocktail unlocks new layers, whilst preserving all that is great about it. 

If you haven't visited Uno Mas Bar in Edinburgh... Put it on the list! Thanks you bartenders like Sian for their inspiring creativity which we are honoured to be part of. We'll have an interview with Sian soon in a separate post. 


Cocktail on bar with shadow