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AS SEEN ON BEVVY! Review of Experience N.8 // Pete vs Peat

If you know us you'll know we are oft 'on the bevvy' but now it's a phrase we can throw around a lot more happily thanks to a brilliant App called BEVVY. 

Bevvy is a mobile app that turns a phone's camera into the perfect whisky companion. Scan any bottle and uncover tasting notes, distillery information, estimated market value and more.

If you're anything like us then you're mobile phone is full of dark pictures of bottles taken in bars, restaurants or shops. A sort of digital - 'to do' list. Ie. 'that was delicious, must make a note to find some for another occasion.' Of course - you never do. 

But that's where Bevvy comes in. One picture and boom - you've got a wealth of information at your fingertips. I can't see why Bevvy won't become every whisky geeks secret weapon for on the fly info. 

Laurie, the founder of Bevvy took some of Experience N.8 to the Glasgow Whisky Festival and shared a dram with industry legend Charlie Maclean. Have to say, watching one of the industry icons trying your liquid for the first time is a heart in mouth experience, but we were pretty delighted with what he had to say about blends in general and the experience he had with N.8 - Pete vs Peat!

At time of writing this whisky is still available here.