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Experience N.19 \\ Thrice

Last Night amongst friends we we’re hosted by the brilliant Powderkeg Productions in their studio as we launched our latest limited edition release.
This post explains the blend, its name and where you can get your hands on it. 
If the latter is why your're here... skip the text and jump to to download the app and enter the ballot now! 

Our love of Thompson Whisky’s incredible NZ Manuka Wood Smoked Single Malt is well documented, and in the development of our previous release, Hemispheres, we’d discovered one alternative combination in particular that we couldn’t put down. Having laid a small amount of a tral blend down in cask, then realising that it was potentially not repeatable, we felt this pilot blend was so precious it was worthy of sharing as limited edition release. Exp. N19 // Thrice is three very different components - Creamy Irish Grain, a lightly peated Speyside Blended Malt and the clove spiked, alluring smokiness of the Thompson Single Malt Whisky.

The result is an inherently smoke forward blend with three distinct layers that unfold slowly on the palate in sequence, before finishing with a lingering spiciness.

Thrice. It speaks to the tasting experience – as articulated by our whisky maker Pete Allison 

Pete talks about a mindset that is optimal for tasting whisky. In today’s hectic and distraction filled world, finding the time to focus on anything properly is often a challenge. As a whisky maker, he employs a system that detaches him form hectic startup life and delivers him to a place where he feels he can 'really taste'.  This ‘three sip process’ for dialing in his tastebuds is pretty simple, and (surprise!) it involves having a dram and arriving at a place of focus and concentration through the ritual. 

What happens as you focus through each sip is that layers of flavour emerge, and this, for Pete, is the 'warm up' his palate needs in order to 'tune in' to the job at hand, which for Pete, is tasting in high definition.  In his own words  "you arrive at this place where you’re focused on the experience within the glass, not distracted by everything going on around it."
(For the avoidance of doubt we are NOT suggesting that drinking alcohol either relaxes or alters your state of mind.) 

It’s this little ritual from the Studio that inspired the name of this expression. And the liquid in the glass leans into this ritual in return. With three components generating three very different textures and layers within the liquid - the three sip ritual is a journey through a world of whisky in a single dram.

“When you come through the layers one by one, and arrive at the place where I hope this dram takes you. For me, it’s a slightly more relaxed, less hectic place, where we take time to taste, and enjoy things, even if just for a moment.” Once, twice, thrice. This is Experience N.19.

Just before Christmas we met Laurie from Bevvy and started talking about a little blend project we had been playing with, and how one of the experiments that led us to HEMISPHERES was sitting in cask, and we were not quite sure what to do with it. That conversation led to him encouraging us to bottle it, and the idea of launching on the Bevvy app - (a community of whisky curious folk thirsty for discovery) was born. 
If you don't know Bevvy then click here. You won't regret it! It’s a different space from most other platforms relating to whisky. It’s free, it is open. It fuels curiosity. It’s modern and contemporary.
It is also democratizing knowledge of whisky and enabling more people to have a better category experience.

Before we were Woven founders we were young, curious whisky drinkers who found lots of silos of knowledge – the internet was obviously a thing (we’re not that old) but it was closed forums and cult like message boards or clubs. Bevvy is an app that anyone can access – it’s got all the knowledge, all the brands. It fuels, rather than limits curiosity and opens up the whole world of whisky beyond just Scotch and Single Malt. It is really exciging and for us to have something within that ecosystem is pretty exciting for us.
Whisky enjoyment and curiosity explored via technology is totally opening up the enjoyment of the category to anyone that wants in.

We're proud to be partnering with Bevvy to launch this super yummy whisky. Cheers! And don't forget the ballot closes at TUESDAY 7TH MAY 12 NOON GMT