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Woven Collection #1

Woven want to redefine the blended whisky space. How blends are perceived and how they are created. Having seen first hand some of the quality and creative limitations bourne from the current industrialised conventions within the industry, we set out to forge a new path for blends. One that operated at a human scale, with the needs of the drinker at the heart of the proposition. We believe wholeheartedly in the idea and concept of blending, and blending as a positive metaphor for life. 



This is our first collection and it comprises whiskies from every part of Scotland ranging in age from 5 to 42 years of age. We're grateful to those who have been so generous with their assistance and time, which was critical for us in sourcing and selecting these whiskies, totalling just a handful of casks. Conscious that most startups fail, we wanted to give Woven the very best chance of survival. The quality had to be right. You can read more about the making of Collection #1 here


Woven is a whisky company, but we want to be much more than that. Woven exists to inspire moments of connection and to bring people together. By using blending whisky as our  creative platform, we hope to create exceptional whisky experiences that get people talking. And not always about whisky.

The memories linked to our own best whisky experiences often cast whisky in a supporting role. But the sharing of a decent dram somehow shine a different light on who we were with, where we were or the other strands of life that were converging in that moment. 

Through each expression, we want to bring people together, then leave space for the experience to unfold. You can choose to totally geek out, or check out. By keeping our packaging quite clean and avoiding the traditional labelling conventions, we hope to let the liquid do the talking and the taste experience drive the conversation in the first instance. By also including supplementary information, we hope those that want to, can delve into the technical aspects of the blend. 



N.1 is multitudes. Like any one of us, it has layers of character. A myriad of co-existing personalities. Layers and levels of flavour and texture reveal themselves when you’re ready. Different sips, different moments, offering different perspectives. Today it might be sweetness. Tomorrow smoke. The liquid won’t change, but perception does. Therein lies the magic of whisky. 



Can a whisky taste happy? We think so. Bright and wild and rebellious and rule breaking. N.2 is the buoyant excitement of opening night. Whether you’re walking the red carpet or sneaking in the back door. It’s spicy. It’s vibrant. A rounded whisky pleasingly invigorated with youthful malt. It’s the result of a marrying period in an ancient cognac cask, gifted to us by our friends at Holyrood Distillery. (Cheers, guys.) It’s something we felt that needed to exist after the year we’ve all had. Smile, this is Experience N.2.



Nostalgia; a past that, ironically, only exists in the present. A rose-tinted look backwards. That’s what we set out to capture in N.3. The oily, rich aromas found in whiskies that simply don’t exist anymore. Maybe they never did. This is a modern blend, inviting you to take a moment to reflect upon the past. Your own personal nostalgia. We all have a unique path that got us here, take some time to appreciate it. Raise a glass to you. 


N.4 / S   L   O   W       M   O   T   I   O   N

N.4 is a celebration and homage to time. It took a long time to blend, and each of its components spent a huge amount of time maturing. As such, it sets a different pace. It’s a long, drawn out, slow experience. It presses pause on the everyday. And only with the world standing still, does it reveal its complexity. That’s when you notice the magic that usually flies by, unseen, unappreciated. This is a unique blend that, in all likelihood, we’ll never be able to create again. 


N.X / Friends & Family

For a long time before Woven existed, we made blends for each other, for friends, as last minute birthday offerings, as parting gifts. It was this simple act, that whilst possibly crude in concoction, that introduced us to the delights and power of blending. They laid the foundations conceptually for what has become Woven. Therefore, it felt only right that we created an expression to support our launch that was given away to friends, family and a host of generous hearted individuals who each played a role in the creation of Woven. You can read more about the Friends and Family blend here.