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Netflix Somebody Feed Phil... close but no Superblend!


Our instagram lit up last week after Legnedary Scottish Chef (and friend of the brand) Tony Singh MBE posted an image of himself with Phil Rosenthal in the Roseleaf pub in Leith.

For those that don’t know, Phil Rosenthal’s a writer, producer famous for his role as creator for the hugely popular american sitcom ‘Everybody loves raymond’. His Netflix show called Somebody Feed Phil is a gastronomic world tour where he eats his way through a different locations cuisine over the course of each episode. It’s in its 7th series. Over half a million people follow him on Instagram. He's a big deal! 

The post from Tony showed them eating in the fabulous Roseleaf (that we’ve talked about previously) and sharing a dram of SUPERBLEND. “Tune in to hear what he thought of it” and so we did! Was this to be our big break? Our Netflix debut!?

Sadly not. 

To wrap the tale of this non event quickly - we did not make the final cut! 

Maybe it simply wasn’t interesting enough, maybe it was too early in the show to dive in to whisky - but the Woven moment did not feature.

The fabulous experiences at Johnnie Walker Princes St and Talisker feature prominently, and we assume that Phil's official partnership with Johnnie Walker possibly made it difficult to endorse other brands. It’s not an unusual situation and we’d be naive to feel anything other than accepting of this situation. 

Whilst this might be the moment we reflect on as the time we missed our big break, we are still able to share the excitement so many local people must feel in watching our local area get the Netflix treatment. Seeing Whisky in the mainstream devoid of cliches is always welcome and seeing excellent locals like The Roseleaf get some airtime will, I hope, inspire a steady stream of tourists to seek it out for years to come when they (hopefully) visit Edinburgh. Johnnie Walker and Talisker are two brands we’ve got long personal histories with and affection for and they did an excellent job in repping Whisky + Scotland. 

The purpose of this post is simply to explain to everyone that we won’t be appearing on Netflix (we’d shared Tony’s post and everyone (including our mum's) got excited). But it is also an opportunity for us to thank our friend Tony Singh MBE for his incredibly kind act in putting us in the mix at the Roseleaf to start with. In many ways it makes the pictures even more special as it was an organic moment of word of mouth recommendation. Thank you Tony! You are an absolute legend! 

As for when we’ll actually make our Netflix debut? Watch this space 🤐